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Why Ron Paul Is Right On Foreign Policy


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Barrack Obama’s Flying Killer Robots Murder 2,250 Pakistanis

In just three short years as president, Barrack Obama has presided over America’s involvement in eight armed conflicts throughout the world. Upon arrival into the White House Barrack Obama escalated the unwinnable undeclared war in Afghanistan, sending tens of thousands … Continue reading

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Obama’s Wars Pictured

The Obama Doctrine: dropping bombs on defenseless unsuspecting poor children. It’s so liberal. Obama the progressive. Hey Obama why don’t you go fight your own wars you sick warmongering coward.

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Occupy Protestors Want Rich Americans To Pay For Obama’s Drone Bombers

Occupy Wall Street protestors continue to call for more government and higher taxes particularly on the rich. With many of these demonstrators still continuing to support Obama, one can only assume they support his policies. After all, why would someone … Continue reading

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Cowardly Western Militaries Creating Terminator Dystopia

From the safety of Washington D.C. Lord Obama, the illegal alien president from Kenya, orders soldiers sitting in Nevada bunkers to drop bombs on unsuspecting victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and likely elsewhere. Obama the chicken-hawk coward who has never … Continue reading

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Air Strike Scoreboard

It took George W. Bush eight years to bomb five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. It has taken Barry Soetorro, aka Barrack Obama, two years to bomb six countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. When Bush … Continue reading

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