Billionaires Love Mitt Romney And Barrack Obama

They don’t seem to like Ron Paul however. Perhaps these billionaires got their billions by sucking on the tit of big government. That would explain why they don’t much care for Ron Paul.

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Jon Huntsman Is A Global Warming Bailout Supporting Crony Capitalist

They should have added the footage of Huntsman crying about Ron Paul’s campaign finding his one vote in Iowa. I think baby needs some tissue paper.

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Parasitic Media Scared Ron Paul Will Force Them To Be Productive Members Of Society

CSPAN video shows Pentagon media is just another establishment government worshiping coterie of parasites like their colleagues next door in D.C. This clip provides some prospective on why the media so intensely dislikes Ron Paul. They recognize their livelihoods depend on a big centralized government parasiting off the wealth of Americans working in the private sector.

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Ron Paul, The Consummate Gentleman

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Rick Santorum Is A Big Government Liberal Terrified Of Freedom

Santorum believes that freedom is the problem and government force is the solution. This lunatic even thinks non-procreative intercourse should be illegal. Is Rick Santorum gay? He looks like a self-hating repressed homosexual and he seemingly doesn’t like having sex with women unless he has to. Sounds like a closet homo.

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Ron Paul Rocks Iowa On Caucus Day

The establishment is going to need a lot of tissue paper after Ron Paul’s victory in Iowa today.

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Liberal Media Elite Meet With Chickenhawk Warmonger Barrack Obama

As the wars rage and news comes out that Obama’s flying killer robots have summarily executed over 2,000 Pakistanis, the warmongering chickenhawk liberal media establishment meets with the warmongering chickenhawk US president. Rachel Maddow, Ezra Klein, Ed Schultz and their ‘progressive’ colleagues like to pretend they are the champions of the poor and downtrodden, but their actions and support for the very people that kill and jail minorities betrays their holier-than-thou talk. President Obama in three short years as president has gone on a crazed killing spree with his cowardly weapon of choice, the Predator drone bomber. Barrack Obama, a chickenhawk coward who has never seen military service let alone combat, seemingly gets off on killing his poor brown Islamic victims from the safety of the continental United States. The nameless faceless victims never have the opportunity to defend themselves or take cover as Predator drones cannot be seen or heard from the ground below.

In spite of all this vicious, cowardly, and dishonorable killing that is further dragging America’s name and reputation through the mud; the very liberals that hated George W. Bush’s guts now embrace and revere his warmongering successor, Barry Soetorro. Liberal support for this warmonger proves that their hatred of the previous warmonger was purely partisan and without any regard for principles or concern for the poor Muslims being blown to pieces on the other side of the planet. Hey Ezra Klein, your only 27, why aren’t you in Afghanistan fighting for your hero? Oh yeah, you’re just like all the other politicians, a little effeminate pencil neck chickenhawk piece of trash. Why don’t you take a good look at one of your victims you disgusting politician worshiper. Real men like Doctor Robert McCauley will clean up your mess.

Flashback: Presidential contender Barrack Obama promised to bomb Pakistan if elected.

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