Newton Gingrich Tries To Pretend Bohemian Grove Doesn’t Exist

First of all, I can tell you categorically without any question of doubt that the Bohemian Grove does in fact exist. The Bohemian Grove is located in Monte Rio, Sonoma County California. It is about 45 minutes away from my house right on the Russian River. When I was 19 years old I went inside the Bohemian Grove to pick up a piano that was being donated to the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma California. I’ve been inside the Bohemian Grove, it exists. Anyone with a car can drive up to the front gate and see that it is indeed there. If you want to trespass you can drive right in.

The Bohemian Grove is an issue because the people that attend the annual summer retreat there portray themselves as good Christian family men. When the attendees get there they drink heavily, patronize male prostitutes, and engage in idol worship. What would Newt’s Christian supporters think if they knew that he and other top politicians were worshiping Moloch an owl god and participating in mock human sacrifices to the owl idol? I don’t think Christian voters would think very highly of idol worship and homosexual orgies. Not only that, but if these politicians and members of the establishment were actually Christians, they wouldn’t partake in any of this kind of activity.

If you want further proof the Bohemian Grove is real, look no further than craigslist where they post employment opportunities during the summer time.

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