Goldman Sachs And The Federal Government: One In The Same

Remember when Timmy Geitner admitted that Goldman Sachs would have failed without a government bailout? Notice how the Obama administration employs eleven Goldman big shots compared to Bush’s one?

Obama, the wall street president of the century, is doing exactly what his bankster buddies want him to do. Destroying the country with corporatism and giving capitalism the blame. Bailouts are the opposite of capitalism. Without government bailouts many of the super rich would have lost it all and would be searching for a new job. Now the super rich who received the bailouts, like Warren Buffet, are running around calling for more government and taxes knowing they’ll wind up getting their share of the loot and they’ll be protected from potential competitors.

The banksters hate capitalism. In capitalism they actually have to compete. They have to withstand the trials and tribulations of free and fair competition. They don’t want that. They want government rules and regulations to prevent any would-be competitors from entering the market. Competition benefits the greater many because business is forced to provide ever better goods and services and if they don’t, they fail. That is the essence of capitalism, and if we had capitalism the wall street banks would have already gone bust. Fraudulent financial institutions going bust is a good thing, a self-cleansing self-regulating function of the free market.

The Steve Jobs of the world should not be punished for the sins of the Dick Fulds and free market capitalism should not be blamed for the problems caused by big government.

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