Occupy Protestors Want Rich Americans To Pay For Obama’s Drone Bombers

Occupy Wall Street protestors continue to call for more government and higher taxes particularly on the rich. With many of these demonstrators still continuing to support Obama, one can only assume they support his policies. After all, why would someone support a politician if they were against his policies? And what is one of the few policies that differentiates Obama from Bush? His ruthless and ever increasing use of robot airplanes to drop bombs on poor defenseless brown people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya. What a hero. He orders cowardly bureaucrats sitting in the safety of a stateside bunker to drop bombs on people who are entirely incapable of defending themselves. These flying terminator drones cannot be heard or seen from the ground. One minute these people are enjoying their meager existence sitting in their mud hut with their family, the next minute them and their mud hut is incinerated into dust all on the orders of Barrack Obama the drone-bomber coward-extraordinaire.

These drones and the bombs they drop are very expensive, so now the left are out in full force demanding the government steal more money from the rich to pay for Obama’s seven wars. Disgusting. Why don’t you occupy protestors go occupy Kabul you warmonger lovers. Whats that? You say you don’t support Obama? Well that may be true, but you certainly support giving more money and power to a government that has maimed and murdered tens of millions of people. You government supporters make all those murders possible. I bet you wouldn’t be so forgiving if it was your family that was being summarily executed.

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