AB144 Supporter Sheriff Lee Baca Defends LA Prison Abuse

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, supporter of Sacramento’s attempt to outlaw open-carry of handguns, staunchly defends thuggery and brutality of LA prison guards. Just another example of how the very individuals who wish to disarm us law abiding citizens are the one’s who are committing acts of violence against others; in this case people not even convicted of committing a crime. Virtually no one in California open carries, and of the tiny miniscule few who actually do, none have used their weapon in any kind of offensive and/or criminal way.

It was the government police that killed unarmed Oscar Grant. It was the government police that beat the hell out of Rodney King. The government doesn’t want us armed, they want to be the only one’s with guns. They want us to be completely incapable of protecting ourselves from them. The government is threatened by an armed populace because they know their up to no good. Oscar Grant’s killer, an armed government bureaucrat, only served two years in jail for killing the young father. How long would we go to jail for if one of us ‘accidentally’ killed a government employee? Life.

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