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Paper Money Explained In Three Minutes


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Peter Schiff Fined $15,000 By Government For Hiring Too Many People

‘I ended up spending a half a million dollars in legal bills. I spend more on compliance than on rent. I have six offices, my rent is tiny compared to what I have to spend every year just to stay … Continue reading

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AB144 Supporter Sheriff Lee Baca Defends LA Prison Abuse

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, supporter of Sacramento’s attempt to outlaw open-carry of handguns, staunchly defends thuggery and brutality of LA prison guards. Just another example of how the very individuals who wish to disarm us law abiding citizens … Continue reading

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Obama’s Terminator Robot Warriors Funnel American Taxpayer Wealth To Morally Bankrupt Client State Of US Empire

When your getting paid who cares that poor innocent people are being executed sans judge, jury, and verdict… Right? From the Washington Post: In Tropical Paradise, U.S. Drones Meant Revenue

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