Obama Mumbles ‘We Are A Nation Of Laws’ As He Flagrantly Violates The Law

So tell me Barry, are we really a nation of laws? Perhaps the people themselves are lawful Barry – but the state, the government, you, the other politicians, and the bureaucrats, are a law unto yourselves. The people by and large get by just fine not aggressing against their neighbors and their fellow man. But we can’t really say the same thing about the state now can we? The state does as it pleases laws be damned. The state, never forget, is a violent bellicose gang of halfwits that employ all the same techniques the mob utilizes. They extort, threaten, steal, encage, lie, torture, start wars, murder, plunder, and more.

But lets just get down to the obvious flagrant violation of the state’s so called ‘laws.’ Of the four countries that are actively being bombed by the federal government, how many wars have been declared? The law is clear, there is no misinterpretation, Congress must declare war if the government is to wage war. Was war declared on Pakistan? Was war declared on Libya? We know it wasn’t declared on Afghanistan, Iraq, nor Yemen. So where is the law that allows Barry Soetoro, a president who has yet to prove he was born in the USA, to bomb five nations – one more than his predecessor – all without a declaration of war from the Congress?

When questioned about the illegal imprisonment of heroic whistle blower Bradley Manning, Obama rambles incoherently about being a nation of laws. What law has Bradley Manning been proven guilty of violating Barry? When has Bradley Manning faced a jury and had evidence presented against him Barry? What law allows the government to detain someone indefinitely in solitary confinement without any charges, without any proof that individual has committed a crime. And how is blowing the whistle on a multiple homicide, in Bradley’s alleged case, a crime?

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