Creepy Hobbit Governor Of Hawaii Attacks Trump, Still Can’t Find Obama’s Birth Certificate

Here he goes again. Tough talking militant-statist Neil Abercrombie fresh off his humiliating failed search for Barry Soetoro’s non-existent Hawaiian Birth Certificate lashes out at Donald Trump, dodges questions. Let’s review this ridiculous and amusing article.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – There is evidence to refute the claim that President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii, and therefore is not eligible to be president of the United States, but “birthers” persist with their claims that Obama is in office illegally. Donald Trump is the latest to question the president’s birthplace.

Former state Health Director Chiyome Fukino has said several times she has personally inspected President Obama’s birth certificate twice. In an interview earlier this month she said claims Obama was not born here are “ludicrous” and “silly.”

You see that people? Some random bureaucrat claims they saw Barry’s birth certificate. That’s scientific proof that it exists. ‘Nothing to see here folks, I’ve seen the birth certificate, he was born here, now move along.’ There’s no better evidence than the claims of an over-paid bureaucrat that supports the president. Now if only some bureaucrat would come out and tell us they saw a unicorn, then we would categorically know that unicorns existed. Won’t some heroic bureaucrat ‘serve the public’ and prove unicorns exist by publicly stating they saw one? It’s impossible for bureaucrats to lie right?

When Isakoff asked Trump if he thinks officials in Hawaii are lying about the birth certificate, Trump answered, “The governor of Hawaii said he was there when he was born. Now do you really believe that the governor of Hawaii was there when he was born? I don’t.”

Hawaii News Now caught up to Governor Neil Abercrombie and asked him to clarify what he meant when he said he was “there.”

“Of course here in Hawaii,” Abercrombie said.

“Not in the room?” we asked.

“Let’s be serious. It is simply reprehensible to have this kind of conversation. Insulting someone’s mother and father speaks about the person who is doing it,” Abercrombie said.

Abercrombie said Trump is questioning Mr. Obama’s birth place because Trump has a political agenda. Abercrombie questioned Trump’s credibility and said Trump has ruined lives by spending investors’ money on failed real estate ventures.

“It is really difficult to accept inquiries from a serial bankrupt like Donald Trump,” Abercrombie said.

As for Obama’s roots in Hawaii, Abercrombie told Hawaii News Now he first laid eyes on baby Barack Obama a few days after he was born. Abercrombie said Obama’s parents introduced their newborn to friends at the University of Hawaii where Abercrombie was going to college with the president’s father.

“We not only saw him and were with them, but were introduced to him of course at our gatherings, our student gatherings. And of course over the years then as he was raised by his mother and his grandparents we of course saw him frequently because he was with his grandfather all the time,” Abercrombie added.

Oh how convenient. Suddenly Abercrombie’s story changes. He wasn’t there at Obama’s birth afterall. Funny he told us he was. Notice how before he admits he wasn’t there at Obama’s birth, like he claimed earlier, he starts his answer with an ad hominem attack against Trump. Trump wasn’t insulting Obama’s parents, nobody is insulting Obama’s parents. Trump is just putting two and two together, and he’s probably right. Now Abercrombie admits he wasn’t at Barry’s birth and that he had lied about being there. Oh well, he lied once, lets just trust him he seems honest.

Abercrombie’s story continues to change every time someone asks him a question about Obama’s birth certificate. The facts remain, this tough-talking parasite from Hawaii promised he was going to release the birth certificate and humiliate the ‘Birthers.’ What happened? He couldn’t find it, he even told his celebrity journalist that it didn’t exist! So how does he react to having put his foot squarely in his mouth? Like all statists, he results to personal attacks and name calling. Where’s the birth certificate Neil? You promised you’d release it. No one believes you or your silly little bureaucrats. The longer you guys cover this up the more damage you do to yourselves.

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