Why Is Ben Bernanke Allowed To Lie To Congress And The American People?

Where is the accountability? How can somebody who has so thoroughly destroyed the value of our money, wages, and savings be allowed to go before congress and lie with impunity? This is an outrage! This is the guy that told us sub-prime was contained, the guy that told us there was no housing bubble. The guy that’s telling us there is no inflation as food and commodities are hitting record highs every week. The guy that tells us he’s an economic genius yet couldn’t even predict the most obvious financial collapse in all of human history. How does this guy still have his job? When has he been right about anything? This is insanity. They’re trying to throw Barry Bonds in jail, meanwhile this guy is destroying our standard of living and the savings of millions. He’s a liar, a counterfeiter, and a fraudster yet is hailed as a saint and a god among men by the parasites in D.C. He goes before congress, looks Ron Paul straight in the eye and tells him there has been and will not be any foreign bailouts, all the while knowing that billions if not trillions were created out of thin air specifically to bail out foreigners. What would happen to anyone of us if we lied to Congress?

“We have no plans whatsoever to be involved in any foreign bailouts or anything of that sort.”
-Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve Bails Out Foreign Banks

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