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Mainstream Media Talks Down To American People, Equates Certification Of Live Birth With Birth Certificate

Once again the mainstream media is out in full force touting Obama’s Certification of Live Birth as if it were the same thing as a Birth Certificate. This is a strange tale of the mainstream media’s inability to get their … Continue reading

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Obama Mumbles ‘We Are A Nation Of Laws’ As He Flagrantly Violates The Law

So tell me Barry, are we really a nation of laws? Perhaps the people themselves are lawful Barry – but the state, the government, you, the other politicians, and the bureaucrats, are a law unto yourselves. The people by and … Continue reading

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Creepy Hobbit Governor Of Hawaii Attacks Trump, Still Can’t Find Obama’s Birth Certificate

Here he goes again. Tough talking militant-statist Neil Abercrombie fresh off his humiliating failed search for Barry Soetoro’s non-existent Hawaiian Birth Certificate lashes out at Donald Trump, dodges questions. Let’s review this ridiculous and amusing article. HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – There … Continue reading

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Hypocrite Obama Doesn’t Send His Bush Tax Cut Savings To Treasury

Mr. Obama I thought Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy like yourself were evil? What happened this year? Obama saved around $100,000 and even received a small tax return for his 2010 taxes. So why not send that money to … Continue reading

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Neo-Con Police Statist Politician Wants Dictatorship

A politician actually telling the truth and admitting he hates freedom.

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Cowardly Western Militaries Creating Terminator Dystopia

From the safety of Washington D.C. Lord Obama, the illegal alien president from Kenya, orders soldiers sitting in Nevada bunkers to drop bombs on unsuspecting victims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and likely elsewhere. Obama the chicken-hawk coward who has never … Continue reading

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Peak Oil Hoax Debunked

Peak Oil theory was contrived by Shell Oil to give the market the perception that oil was scarce which in turn would lead to market participants bidding up the price of oil based on the false belief that the world … Continue reading

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