Donald Trump Humiliates Obama – Releases Birth Certificate

Donald Trump released his birth certificate. John McCain released his birth certificate. Any American citizen can easily go inside their file cabinet and retrieve their birth certificate. It would take me 10 seconds to get mine. So why has lord Obama spent millions of dollars fighting the requests to see a copy of his birth certificate? What is there to hide Barry? If you have an American birth certificate, if you were really born where you say you were, why not just prove it? If I said I was the greatest escape artist since Houdini, you’d rightly expect me to prove it. Barry says he was born in Hawaii, so if this is true why hasn’t he proved it? After three years of this being an issue and still no birth certificate having been released, its clear there is no Barack Obama Hawaiian birth certificate. We’re not toddlers Barry. You can’t tell us a silly childish lie that is clearly a fraud and actually expect us to believe it. You can’t ignore the issue and think it will go away pal. Your digging yourself a deeper hole the longer you continue this charade Barry. Lets have a ‘tell us the truth Barry Soetorro(Obama) amnesty day.’ If he just comes clean, admits he was born outside of the US than he can resign and no charges will be filled.

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