Obama Bombs Libya On His Own Authority

No declaration of war from the Congress, no debate, no discussion, no explanation of where the money will come from, just bombing military targets in the middle of a capital city on the orders of Lord Obama. Who does this guy think he is? Where does he get the authority to start another war purely on his own decree? He got the authority from the UN? So our criminal government now takes it’s marching orders from the criminal would-be world government, The UN? He’s bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and now Libya. Even Bush wasn’t that insane, this is madness. How can we afford another war? How much do each one of these Tomahawk cruise missiles cost? According to Wikipedia these things each cost $3,756,000. So where is the money coming from? America’s broke. Our government is broke. Our states are broke. Our people are broke. We have tens of trillions of dollars of debt how can we afford to shoot $3.8 cruise missiles at some insane tin-pot dictator in sparsely populated Libya? Borrow more money from China and destroy the value of our money via the printing press for a fight that has nothing to do with America? I’m against Qaddafi just like everyone else, but lets get real, we’re broke, we’re not in a position to do anything about that country’s civil war. Send the rebels some RPG’s and Stingers if anything. That would be a lot cheaper.

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