2010 Census Shows Only 21% Of Americans Voted For Obama

21% of the American population voted for Barry Soetorro the illegal immigrant from Kenya in 2008. The 2010 census concluded that 308,745,538 people live in America. Barry received 65,182,692 votes in the 2008 presidential elections. 65,182,692 divided by 308,745,538 equals 0.2111210818534971%. America which is on paper and in our law a Republic, in theory it is a democracy, and in reality it is an imperial police state. Less than half the American population votes so where is the consent? Where does 21% of the population get the right to lord over the other 79% of the population. And where does the voting population, less than half of all Americans, get the right to dominate the majority? Why don’t you politicians and bureaucrats go get real jobs and stop coercing innocent peaceful people you criminals.

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