Obama Birth Certificate Hoax Persists

Cowardly Hawaii lawmakers only willing to release Obama ‘Birth Documents.’

Hawaii to offer Obama birth documents

Hey girly boys, why don’t you release his birth certificate? You told us you had his original long form birth certificate in your possession so why can’t you prove it? Whats the hold up? His bank account number isn’t on there, we already know what he looks like and who his parents were so why not just release it? Why go through all this trouble to pass a bill enabling you to release his ‘birth documents’ when you can just pass a bill allowing for the release of his birth certificate? You have it right? What’s the big secret, release it already, you’re acting like a bunch of crooks with something to hide and your only adding more fuel to the fire. Man up you wusses.

Chris Mathews once again admits that Obama’s birth certificate has not been released. It is also once again claimed that those of us who want Obama to put his money where his mouth is and prove he was born in Hawaii like he claims, are, get this… racist. If you don’t like being lied to by a politician it’s because your a racist. That’s funny, I didn’t know I was racist; somebody better tell my ex, a black girl, or my other ex, an Asian. They should also inform them that they are self-hating racists because both of them wanted to see Barry’s birth certificate.

I’m a unicorn, just don’t ask me to prove it.

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One Response to Obama Birth Certificate Hoax Persists

  1. Tim Lundmark says:

    Love the post. I am at a loss for what to say of our American government. I do not think Obama is any different than any other politician. They are all liars and cheats who get into office for all the wrong reasons. We were built on a Republic for the people by the people, but it appears over many years the people have lost their voice and this is sad. I havent written a political post in sometime but I think it is high time I do another.

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