Egyptian Secret Police Posing As Pro-Government Demonstrators Attack Protesters

First the police, after being defeated by the protesters, disappeared from the streets. Then after being mysteriously absent, reports of looting began to pour in. Many Egyptians claimed they captured plain clothed police forces doing the looting. The Egyptian people than organized to protect their communities and property. Reports of looting died down. Then, with the police still absent, groups of ‘Pro-Mubarak demonstrators’ began to attack the anti-government protesters. Again reports of police and other government officials among the ranks of the pro-government thugs began to come in. Anti-government demonstrators captured pro-government thugs carrying government identification.

The Egyptian police state is doing everything in its power to quash this revolution. Using violent attacks on the demonstrators and fomenting chaos so the Egyptian people think they need the government to establish order. It’s the government that is staging these criminal acts. Problem, reaction, solution. The government creates the problem, the public reacts, and then the government says only they can provide the solution. Long live the revolution, don’t be fooled by the government’s tricks. The government is the criminal entity that is antithesis to a free and peaceful society.

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