Tough Talking Hawaii Governor Puts Foot In Mouth. Can’t Prove Obama Born In Hawaii

New Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombi makes humiliating gaffe first month in office. Abercrombie boasted he was going to prove Obama was born in Hawaii, that he knew the Obamas and he was going to debunk the birthers. Turns out he couldn’t find Obama’s birth certificate. All he could find was a notation of Barry’s birth. In a transparent attempt to save face the governor now claims that Hawaii law is preventing him from proving Obama’s Hawaiian birth by releasing a copy of Barry’s birth certificate. Abercrombie knew the law before all his bluster about proving Obama was born in Hawaii. It’s been at least three years since people have been questioning Obama’s birth and we still haven’t seen the birth certificate. If a Hawaiian birth certificate with Obama’s name on it existed we’d have seen it by now.

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