Ron Paul Explains How The Civil Rights Act Is Just Another Ill-Contrived Coercive Central Plan

Now why would a minority want to patronize a business that is forced to hide it’s racism and hatred of others? This could lead to minorities unwittingly giving money to the very people that hate them. Lets say a restaurant is owned by a hardcore racist that is forced to hide his hatred of others. This hypothetical racist business would then have the perfect opportunity to spit in the food of those they loathe so much. But of course the arguments in favor of the civil rights act lack any basic understanding of economics and business. Why would a business owner want to turn away paying customers?

The coercive civil rights act did nothing to put an end to racism and possibly even exacerbated the problem. If the government really cared about suffering minorities in this country, they would immediately discontinue their criminal war on drugs that has long been disproportionally targeting and destroying African American communities.

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