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Resistors Of Tyranny


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Man Gets Climate Gate Story On TV

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Fed Economist Claims Ben Bernanke Was Right, Can’t Give One Example

I’m a unicorn, I just can’t prove it.

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FDIC Head Is A Liar

“The FDIC will never go broke. We are still running at a surplus, our reserves seem to be quite fit for the projected closure activity that we have.” -Sheila Bair January 15, 2009 “It needs to be emphasized and re-emphasized … Continue reading

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Crackbrained Global Warmer Desperately Clinging To Discredited Fraud

Remember when they told us civilization would end because of an imminent “population bomb,” fifty years ago… TV Environmentalist Goes Nuts Over ClimateGate

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Gold Smashing Records Like Everyday

The anti-gold crowd is getting desperate. Dollar below .75 on the US dollar index in Asia, gold hitting new record highs nearly everyday. Questions the statists don’t want you to ask: -If the dollar is money, why does it say … Continue reading

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Hide The Decline – Climategate

Notice how the hard core global warmer loony toons are still pretending like their fraud hasn’t been exposed and completely discredited?

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