Member Of Media Assaults Balloon Dad’s Neighbor

Who does this guy think he is, John Wayne? First the media falls for an obvious prank, then out of spite they call for Balloon Dad to be thrown in jail and his kids kidnapped by the CPS pedophiles, then they start fights with the balloon neighbors? I don’t understand why the parasites, the media, and others that fell for this guy’s hoax are so vitriolic. If you fell for this, you got owned, get over it and stop crying. Be honest with yourselves people, this is more real than reality TV. People are claiming Balloon Dad is abusing his children by asking them to go along with his hoax. What about the children in reality TV shows? Reality TV is as real as professional wrestling, it is scripted, it is fake, children on reality TV shows are asked to go along with the hoax that it’s real. But when Balloon Dad does the very same thing minus the Hollywood cameras its abuse? If you don’t like this story then shut up, don’t give it attention, let it go away.

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